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Maine Scenic Outdoors Places

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The great state of Maine’s outdoors wilderness has over 10,000 trails and scenic places to explore year round! This Blog was created to share these adventures and stories of these people trails in Maine…

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Acadia National Park South Ride Trail on the way to summit of Cadillac Mountain in Bar Harbor, Maine. The trail follows the ridge line along Cadillac Mountain with beautiful scenic views of the Atlantic Ocean off the New England coast line.

South Ridge Trail – Acadia National Park

Photo by Erika Kinlaw

Baxter State Park – Maine Largest Wilderness Area

Photo by Erika Kinlaw

While hiking in Baxter State Park on September 26th we traveled two trails in the Northern Maine outdoors wilderness. We started the traverse with the South Turner mountain trail head and finished the loop around the Sandy Stream Pond trail system. The Maine scenic outdoors wilderness is a wonderful place to explore!

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Created November 30, 2020